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Capacity Building Defines the New Era of Minority Business Development

Oct 09 2017

Four decades ago the significant challenge for minority business development was diversifying from mom-and-pop enterprises, creating market access in nontraditional industries, and…

EuQuant’s CEO keynotes City & State New York event entitled Achieving 30% Aspirational MWBEs Goals

Sep 28 2017

EuQuant’s CEO Dr. Thomas “Danny” Boston delivered a keynote address to a landmark gathering of over 150 New York City and State…

Save the Date!!! We will be in NYC Sept. 26

Sep 12 2017

We will be featured on the upcoming panel “Achieving 30% Aspirational MWBE Goals” in New York City on September 26th. The panel…

Improving Federal Programs for Minority Businesses

May 11 2012

Every federal program for minority businesses has a different personal disadvantage criterion. This is confusing and creates unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficiency. One uniform criterion should be created.