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Black Firms Grow Fast but Lag in Employment Capacity

Over the last quarter century, the number of Black-owned businesses has grown at a record pace

Black Women Entrepreneurs Progressing

It is time for business analysts and researchers to give more attention to the entrepreneurial dynamics

Growing Uncertainty Drives Stock Market Pullback!

The Dow lost 8% of its value over the last two sessions. Analysts are scrambling for

Final Results of 2017 Survey of M/WBEs in New York City

EuQuant’s CEO, Dr. Thomas Boston delivered a keynote address to a landmark gathering of over 150
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EUQUANT is a world class  economic and market research company that specializes in providing  data analytics and performance evaluations for government agencies, corporations and non-profits


Our mission is to empower clients with data-driven solutions for achieving success. We specialize in quantitative evaluations of program performance.


Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, federal, state and local governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and several of the world’s fastest growing developing countries.


Our History

Founded in 1994, in July of 2011, the Atlanta Tribune Magazine ranked EuQuant #2 among black-owned businesses in the State of Georgia, based on its commitment to community, wealth of knowledge, vision, and financial capacity. EuQuant’s leaders are scholars, authors, and internationally recognized experts. They serve as members of major corporate boards, advisors to White House and Federal Reserve councils, expert witnesses for committees of the U.S. Congress, and advisors to governments in emerging-market economies on monitoring and evaluating Millennium Development Goals. The company’s CEO is a regular economics contributor to CNN.  In 2013, EuQuant was designated the primary data and research analyst for the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. In January of 2012, EuQuant launched its new business blog, the Gazelle Index®. By tapping its analytical expertise, EuQuant created a website devoted to timely information on small business related economic developments and up-to-date research on the performance businesses owned by blacks, Latinos, Asians, women and non-minority entrepreneurs.

Company News

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms appoints EuQuant’s Vice President, Dr. Catherine Ross, to the transition team.

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EuQuant’s CEO Boston delivered a keynote address to a landmark gathering of over 150 New York City and State policymakers, MWBE entrepreneurs, government agency heads, contractors, and purchasing officers. The conference focused on strategies for achieving 30% aspirational MWBEs goals on tens of billions of contracting dollars being awarded by NYC and the State. The Building Trades Employers’ Association and City & State New York magazine sponsored the event on September 26, 2017at the New York University’s Kimmel Center.

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Quality information requires
a mix of many different skills

Our Services

Our Products

EuQuant’s GazelleIndex Supplier App allows our clients to:

1. Find a qualified and capable small, or diverse supplier in your industries of interest.
2. Receive an estimate for the amount of work a small, emerging or diverse supplier can perform for your business or organization.
3. Align suppliers based on organizational spend in different industries.
4. Determine the availability of firms with capacity in different industries.
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Process and Principles


It’s true, no two customers are ever the same. However, our customers do tend to share one fundamental similarity; they require insightful analysis which is designed to address their concerns. More specifically, they recognize the need for a custom data-driven analytical approach that never sacrifices practicality. It is the combination of focused analysis with our long-standing dedication to customer service that makes us special. 


Make our clients, communities, and employees successful through the creative analysis of data.


Our research strategy is to use our corporate university model that seeks to merge advances in academic research with a corporate emphasis on service.


  • Each employee takes personal ownership of the EuQuant mission
  • Work passionately
  • Value diversity
  • Encourage and support creativity
  • Share the rewards of growth
  • Build a family working environment
  • Embrace constructive criticism
  • Support the well-being of employees
  • Service with extra added value
  • Integrity in everything we do


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